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The How Not to Cookbook: Lessons Learned the Hard Way, by Aleksandra Mir

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"For what is more a gallery installation than a cookbook, the artist Aleksandra Mir collected advice from home cooks around the world. Sample tidbit: “Do not cook when you are angry — your dishes will be furious too!" - New York Times, "Best Culinary Cookbooks of 2010" Learn what not to do in the kitchen from this hilarious collection of real advice by real people. Sometimes the best way to learn is to make mistakes. That’s the premise of this book — a sort of anti-cookbook. Don’t look here for recipes to be followed slavishly. Instead, this is a book to dip in and out of, choosing from among the wide variety of little gems that are always idiosyncratic, often opinionated, and never boring. Contributions by 1000 cooks from all around the world.

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