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ALL DAY GRAZER GIFT BOX (Top Seller with FREE Shipping)

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This All Day Grazer Gift Box is perfect for the constant snacker! Snack better all day, every day! Some of the benefits of better snacking during day include: + Maintaining your blood sugar levels between meals + Avoiding sudden ‘cravings’ that result in regretful, impulsive food decisions + Preventing over-eating at mealtimes  + Improving energy levels consistently across your day + Contributing positively to productivity while working + Helping your mood – Stops you snapping at people due to being 'Hangry' + Helping you to think more clearly + Contributing to concentration, especially on ‘that’ Zoom call!  Graze away on our tried and tested 44g packs (all 3 Flavours) and add a little extra crunch with our Gluten Free Tropical Granola  Snack Mix! This beautifully designed gift box contains 1 x Red Berry Granola Snack Mix (1KG),  12 x 44g Cranberry Trail Mix, 12 x 44g Almond Trail Mix & 12 x 44g Edamame Trail Mix. Please note the Best Before date on these packs is August 2021 ABOUT OUR RED BERRY GRANOLA SNACK MIX (1KG): This Gluten Free Granola Snack Mix is so unique. Hand baked rolled oats play the lead roll, supported by all the goodness of red berries, cashews and almonds; and finished off with a healthy helping of cheeky Greek Yoghurt Drops! We like to call it a “Brunch Granola”, because your brain will think it’s a breakfast cereal, but your body will tell you “this is lunch”! These are 1KG Packs. ABOUT OUR ALMOND SNACK MIX: Our Almond Mix has a great balance of chewy and crunchy. This comes from the raw sliced and whole almonds combo, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, currants, cranberries and raisins, as well as a few cheeky chocolate drops.  ABOUT OUR CRANBERRY SNACK MIX: For our Cranberry Mix, we have combined a very simple, clean set of ingredients, that work really well together – Juicy cranberries, raw cashews and almonds, sun-dried seedless raisins and Greek yoghurt drops. ABOUT OUR EDAMAME SNACK MIX: This super tasty vegan Edamame Mix really delivers. Crunchy edamame beans take the lead role, and top-grade pineapple, roasted coconut and banana compliment beautifully. Finally, cranberries and sun-dried seedless raisins provide the perfect berry backbone. Note: The image represented here is for illustrative purposes only, our "Red Berry Granola Snack Mix" packaging is clear!

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