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Hungry employees do not make happy employees! Snack Farm are the perfect workplace snack - Packed with the natural energy, protein and fibre to get you through your day. Snack Farm will fill you up and keep you satisfied for longer.  THE ULTIMATE OFFICE SNACK BOX contains a selection of 40 snacks, perfect for sharing in the office! So, no more making poor decisions on empty stomachs, simply order THE ULTIMATE OFFICE SNACK BOX to your office, and WATCH PRODUCTIVITY SKYROCKET!!! This box will contain a random mix of 40 snacks from the following selection. Contents will vary depending on availability: 1. Tropical Edamame Mix 2. Almond & Dark Chocolate Mix 3. Edamame & Goji 4. Super Juicy Mango 5. Cranberry & White Chocolate Mix 6. Thai Sweet Chilli Baked Savoury Mix 7. Salt & Vinegar Baked Savoury Mix 8. Italian Balsamic Baked Savoury Mix 9. Almond & Cashew Baked Savoury Mix 10. Pecan & Seeds Oh, and SHIPPING IS FREE on this item.   SUPER MIX: A modern trail mix containing super-juicy mango, raisins and sun-dried seedless raisins. SUPER-NATURAL: We farm the earth to bring you the best mix of ingredients that naturally work together to taste awesome. GLUTEN FREE: Naturally gluten free and always guilt free! PERFECT PORTIONS: Ideal for on-the-go, fuelling the workday, pre and post workout, running, cycling or golfing. BALANCE: Our healthy snack mixes contain the perfect balance of natural energy, protein and fibre needed to fuel the pace of modern life. CONTROL CALORIES: Each pouch contains less than 200 calories. Each box contains 10 x 45g "On-the-go" portion pouches.   

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