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The Premium Club 6

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Each month, our team taste, scrutinise and curate a collection of great wines for members of our wine club. You get regular deliveries of great wines, without the hassle of choosing them. You will get a full set of tasting notes for each wine enclosed with your case each time a delivery arrives. We import new wines and source boutique wines from small producers so that we can introduce you to unique wines, you may never have heard of.   Joining our wine club means that you will get a case of wine delivered at regular intervals, of your choosing.    The cost per 6 bottle case is €99. You are guaranteed to get the best wines we have sourced each time you get a case. Prefer all Red or all white, no problem, we're used to that and we cater for it.     If you love wine without the hassle of picking new wines to try, let us do that and we'll introduce you to a whole host of new wine. You'll also have first access to news and special offers.   Once you have signed up, and created your account, you are in the driving seat. You can pause, skip, cancel, upgrade or downgrade at any time. You are in full control of your Wine Club subscription. If you know you'll be away, you can plan ahead by skipping those months you know you'll be travelling, so you are always in control of when you get a delivery. You can also pause until further notice, or cancel at any time, with the simple tap of your mouse. So, Whether you want a regular delivery of wine every month, or just once a year, you choose.   If you are buying membership of our Wine Club for a gift, you have the option to prepay for recurring orders at the time of purchase, or to pay monthly as well.   Membership is of course free to all who join and you will enjoy some neat perks too, including 10% off subsequent orders and free delivery on every Wine Club case.   Our team is committed to bringing you great wines. These will include some great classics, old favourites, most popular wines, award winners and new imports. We’ll be delighted to have you onboard and look forward to bringing you some of our carefully curated cases very soon.   Anne, Will and Michael – Our Wine Club Tasting Team

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