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Holiday Smile Gift Set

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Our new Holiday Smile Gift Set, the perfect gift or stocking fillers for that special someone in your life. Give a gift of a dazzling smile this Christmas.  Our new holiday smile gift set will guarantee to put a smile on a loved one's face - all of our favorites in a convenient bundle for you! Contains: Teeth Whitening System Pen for Whitening Teeth Dental Floss for Whitening Teeth 5 Pack Bamboo Toothbrushes Makes Smiles Happen Gift Box Whitening System  Our Whitening System contains our traditional 2-week course of Whitening Strips with a FREE Toothpaste for Whitening Teeth Whitening Pen Spotlight Teeth White Pen is an easy to use whitening pen which dispenses a small amount of gel, containing the active whitening ingredients hydrogen carbonate calcium, on to the teeth. Unlike other pens that use a white paint-like substance to cover stains, this formula actively dissolves stains leaving long-lasting results. Whitening Floss  Spotlight Oral Care Floss for Whitening is specially designed to contain the active ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide which is clinically proven to whiten teeth.  Use daily to dislodge debris between teeth, prevent dental decay and maintain good oral health. 5 Pack of Bamboo Toothbrushes  Our bamboo brushes are great for everyone, including children! The soft bristles ensure you are receiving a great brush without being harsh. Bamboo is a natural antibacterial which is a great choice for your daily routine. The bamboo brushes are 100% biodegradable, vegan and ocean safe. Brush daily twice a day for two minutes. Children under 6 years should be supervised during brushing. Do not allow bristles or brush to be chewed. Change toothbrush every 3 months.

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