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Worker bee wooden puzzle

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Bees pollinate 75% of food crop species! So, let's get to know them...where the wax is made, where the pollen is stored and how her eyes are structured. With part names written underneath (in English, contrary to the language featured in some of the photos!) What it contains9-piece wooden puzzle. 0.5cm thick, 24cm high, 28cm wide. With its own wooden storage cover. Feel great about where it comes from Raw materials from Europe? Poland - Yes Organic? TBC Manufactured in Europe? Yes - Poland What's it made from? Sustainability-certified* birch plywood, varnish recommended for toys, natural coconut oil. What's it packaged in? Nothing! Shipping packaging from manufacturer to us: Plant-based packing peanuts, cardboard box, recycled paper Plastic-free? Yes 100% Vegan? Yes Animal-cruelty-free? Yes Reused upcycled or recycled? No - new wood * We're not allowed mention which certificate because of bizarre bureaucracy, for details search our site for 'Not allowed to say FSC'. Feel great about where it goes after you've used it Biodegradable compostable?Yes 100% Reusable refillable? N/A Recyclable? Yes! Feel great about you and your child using it Great for ages: 3+ Shelf life: Indefinite Awards: 1st place: 'Child-Friendly World' competition 2019 (Poland's oldest toy competition); 1st place eco company in Baltów; Be the Change! competition; among others Safety standards met: relevant European standards for toys (CE-marked) Solvent-free? N/A Gluten-free? N/A Peanut-free? N/A Soy-free? N/A Lactose-free? N/A Easy to wash-off clothes / skin? N/A Improvements we're working on in this product: None, we think it's perfect! But let us know what you think! Search terms: StukaPuka, Stuka Puka 

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