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Super Juicy Fruit Mix - Vegan & Nut Free!

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At Snack Farm, we have been inundated with requests for a kid’s range. EVERYONE tells us how their kids, their nephews and nieces or their grandkids LOVE our healthy snack mixes. But equally, we have had lots of people saying they are simply not allowed bring the products with nuts to school. So, we have answered the call, and will continue to. Our first response is a family bag of what we believe is the tastiest, juiciest fruit mix you will ever taste. Our “Super Juicy Fruit” mix is made up of the juiciest Mango, Cranberries and Jumbo Raisins on the planet! This fruit mix product comes in a 1KG bag, so it’s easy to work out the ‘Per KG’ or ‘Per 100g’ price. And we are proud to say that our direct to consumer model allows us to offer the best value in the country! At €15 for a KG, this snack is €1.50 per 100g of the highest quality fruit mix you will get your hands on. The retail price of 100g of a similar dried fruit like this is in the supermarket is €2.50 or more per 100g, so €25 per KG. We recommend you give 30g servings to young kids for school, which is ‘One of your 5-A-Day’. And this 1KG bag contains 33 x 30g servings!   Disclaimer: The images used here are for illustrative purposes only, our share bags are clear.

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