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Coffee can be ground on request. Plum & Blackberry Crumble  Harvest: August 2020Country: PeruProducer: Gilmer Galvez MalquiRegion: El Lavrel, JaenProcess: WashedVariety: Typica (85%) & Catimor (15%)Altitude: 1,858 masl For us, the perfect Christmas coffee is fruity, full bodied and well balanced; perfect for brewing in bigger batches and a giant hug for anyone trying our coffee for the first time! This year, we’ve sourced our coffee from Peru, and this tiny lot produced by Gilmer Galvez definitely ticks all the boxes. Fruity and comforting, it’s possibly our favourite Christmas coffee yet! Gilmer is a third generation farmer from the small village of El Lavrel in northern Peru. At just 1 hectare, his farm, La Cascarilla, is very small and is planted with roughly 4,600 trees. The farm itself is a family business, employing seven pickers from June to September to help out during the harvesting season. Once the coffee is picked, it’s dry fermented for 24 hours in bags before being washed, rinsed and dried on patios for 10 days. Gilmer is a very proud and ambitious young farmer, who over time is hoping to improve his infrastructure and introduce new varieties and techniques into his farming practices. Despite the ongoing challenges of pests, disease and unpredictable rains, this is one of the best coffees we’ve tasted from Peru this season, and Gilmer is a producer we’d love to work with again in the future.  This coffee is sweet, jammy and buttery! Expect deep layers of purple fruit and a brown sugar sweetness, tasting just like warm winter crumble. We couldn't think of anything more fitting for this time of the year. Merry Christmas!  

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