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Domaine Ott Clos Mireille Provence Rosé Single Bottle

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Country: France Region: Provence Varietal: Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah Vintage: 2020 Producer: Domaine Ott Description: The wine has a fine pale peach color with crystalline shimmers of pink-gold. The expressive, fine, delicate nose gives off aromas of peach, citrus fruit and white flowers such as hawthorn. A rich and full-bodied structure follows a lively and firm attack. There is a subtle balance of aromas between hints of fresh fruit (apricot and nectarine) and the smooth, floral notes of lilac. The finish is full-bodied and smooth enhanced by mild spices. This elegant and harmonious wine can be an aperitif or accompany Provençale cuisine. Tasting Note:  The French Riviera conjures up thoughts of turquoise seas, azure skies, rolling lavender fields, scorching sunshine, Breton stripes, big sunglasses and scarves fluttering behind you as you speed along the coast in a convertible. And, of course, the pale salmon hue of Domaines Ott’s iconic   

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