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Muckross Irish Gin

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Muckross Wild Irish Gin is refreshingly rounded with notes ofGrapefruit adding a delicious Citrus back-note to the Bitter Orange. Our botanicals blend effortlessly together to give it a unique taste profile– the addition of Rosehip and Hawthorn specifically offer a new drinkingexperience. Botanicals Martin & Andrea studied native botanical reports to inspire their perfect blend. Rosehip, hawthorn, blackthorn and heather represent Muckross, with notes of grapefruit adding a delicious citrus back-note to bitter orange. Angelica, rosemary, coriander and juniper round out the ten botanicals in this new drinking experience. Tasting Note: It embraces a London Dry style distillation, which results in a smooth and mellow premium gin, elegant on the nose but with an unmistakeable wild side. It is crisp & fresh with a very natural taste. Perfect Serve Try it with some lime and Rosemary, alongside Poachers Tonic. A little more adventurous is the Muckross 75, a simple cocktail with Sugar syrup and lime juice added for a full cocktail experience.

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