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Dublin Up Da Dubbs

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Ah, the Big Shmoke, Ireland’s capital, how we love you so. From the rare aul times to the here and now, Dublin is where all the action’s at. Days spent tourist-watching in Temple Bar, stretching the legs on Dún Laoghaire Pier, and letting the Luas knock you around the place all spring to mind, but it’s the colourful characters and constant buzz that make the place what it is. Come match day, you’ll find the Dubs roaring on the boys in blue from Hill 16 - Southside and Northside united as one - followed by a round of pints of Guinness in Grogan’s. They’ll go out of their way to thank the bus driver, even when they’re exceptionally late and sure look, we’ll see ya in Copper’s!
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  • EU 41-46 / UK 8 - 12

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