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Hand Rolled Natural Organic Incense Sticks | Woodland Collection

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Woodland Collection-Hand Rolled Natural Organic Incense Sticks   ♥Pine Burning pine can be helpful for those seeking healing, protection, spirituality, prosperity, courage  ♥Cedar is known for its strengthening and purifying properties, and is burned for healing, protection, prosperity and love. Aroma:  Rich, warm, woody.  ♥Palo Santo is a very special and sacred wood from Peru. It has a sweet smell. Spiritual Attributes:  Courage, confidence. ♥White Sandalwood Aroma: Soft, sweet, woody base note with a spicy, oriental undertone. Spiritual Attributes:  Healing, protection, peace.    How's It Made? Hand made in small batches in Mission, Canada by LeftoverHippies.   "herbs are air-dried and then ground to a fine powder and mixed with the tree bark according to my recipes.  The acacia gum is mixed with water and added to my herb mixtures to create a dough-like substance.  From there I just measure out the proper quantities and roll up sticks by hand." Hazel from LeftoverHippies Each stick, while only 10 cm long, burns for about 30 minutes ♥ Pack of 6, size-10 cm/ 4" sticks  Please note: * all handmade pieces are slightly different, making each one of them truly unique
  • Pine
  • Cedar
  • Palo Santo
  • Sandawood

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