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The Rioja Collection - 12 Bottles

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This is our Best Ever collection of Rioja wines. We import more Rioja wines directly from vineyards across this exceptional region than ever before and here you will find our favourites. These are not wines you will find easily elsewhere, but they are wines that we have imported because each of them delivers way above their stations on price and quality. We have speckled this case with Reservas, Crianza’s and modern non classified age statement Rioja wines who are more dependent on the quality of the winemaker and the fruit than the time the wine has remained in bottle before you get it in your hands. The results are astounding – Take a peek at our Best Ever Rioja Collection – Check out the medals, awards and critic reviews this lot of wines has won and strap in, because this case will take you across the 100 kilometre region of Rioja in just 12 bottles. Delight yourself and enjoy them all. They are our favourite wines. Marques de Concordia Reserva Rioja Urunuela, Rioja, Spain 2 x 75cl bottles Marqués de la Concordia belongs to a collection of premium Spanish wineries. It is a very classic style of Rioja Reserva, made with fruit grown in vineyards located in the higher altitude area of Rioja Alta. This altitude helps with an even ripening over the growing season, ensuring beautifully balanced fruit. Made with 100 % Tempranillo grapes, the wine is aged in American and French oak. Finca Manzanos Reserva Rioja Rioja, Spain 2 x 75cl bottles An outstanding wine from 4th generation of the Manzanos family, headed by Vic and David. David studied for 2 years in 2017 in Sutton Park School in Dublin, and was thrilled that wineonline.ie were to become importers of his wines in Ireland. He holds Ireland dear in his heart, and we hold this wine dear in ours! Intense, elegant with ripe fruit and undergrowth scents. You will discover  aromas of spice, cream, vanilla and cherry coming from the oak barrels used for this wine. A Gold medal winning Reserva wine at Mundis Vini in Germany as well as a Gold Medal received at the Berlin Wine trophy cements the reputation for the flagship reserva wine from the Manzanos brothers. When you try this, be sure to try other wines from the Manzanos stable too.  This wine is aged for 24 months in new and 2nd fill American oak barrels. Bodegas Navajas Reserva Rioja, Spain 2 x 75cl bottles You may not have heard of the Navajas Family. They own a not so small winery in the Western side of Rioja, in a small town called Navarette. Their cellar comprises 6,000 barrels of American oak filled red wine and the smell is intoxicating when you wander underneath the unassuming cellar. If you ever take a trip thre, Merche and family would welcome you with open arms. This is one of their flagship wines and it is a classic style Rioja, with a huge emphasis on preserving freshness of fruit and character of oak flavour in the wines as well. It is a remarkablygood wine and has been incredibly well received in some high end restaurants in Ireland since WineOnline.ie began importing these wines in 2018. Be sure to try other wines from the Navajas Bodega if you enjoy this. De Alto El Primero Rioja Y Mas Rioja, Spain 2 x 75cl bottles An unashamedly contemporary style of rioja that relies not on oak or age but on quality of fruit and a subtle, nuanced approach to winemaking. The fruit is vibrant, lifted and energetic -there are hints of wood spice, wild cherry and thyme. The palate is succulent, juicy, multi-layered but vibrant and textural. Savoury elements, hints of warm spice, liquorice and dark cherry fill the mouth, leading through to a clean, satisfying finish. This is a new style of winemaking here and it relies on freshness, moving away from the traditional, so that the fruit flavours are enhanced along the way. It is also made by Co Dublin born winemaker Fergal Tynan – Fergal is a Master of Wine and is making some of the best contemporary wines out of Rioja today. Bodegas Navajas Crianza Rioja, Spain 2 x 75cl bottles Named by Rioja Masters Magazine as one of the ‘ Top ten Riojas of 2021” This smooth, plump Rioja wins pride of place as one of our members' favourite reds vintage after vintage. We love its combination of vanilla-infused flavour from high-quality oak ageing and vibrant red-fruit notes. It also won a Gold Medal at the Rioja Masters Drinks Business awards and it is easy to see why when you taste it. It is one of the most consistent wines imported by WineOnline.ie directly, year after year. Freshness is king here – Fresh vibrant fruit, bramble flavours, black cherry and spice, all combine to produce mouth filing explosive flavours that are rarely achieved in a wine at this price level. It sells at €15 on it’s own and we see people come back again and again and order case loads of this one all on its own! "A light hand with the oak allows the ripe, rounded, Dark cherry fruits to shine through. A very stylish and elegant Rioja. Perfect with grilled lamb or pork chops" John Wilson, Irish Times Wine Columnist Voché Crianza   Rioja, Spain 2 x 75cl bottles Voché is a high end project whereby high quality grapes from low yielding vines ae bottled  in modern surroundings and the result is an extremely quality driven Crianza. They use the best wine making techniques and know have cemented the Brand as one of the Leading Riojas in the Market as a result. This wine has won a silver medal at The Decanter world Wine Awards, a Siler medal at the Conrours de Mondial in Brussels and has received 90 points from the respected critics at the Guia Penin Wine Guide. With its distinctive bottle and label, Voché is a wine for those wishing to try something premium and different and it certainly delivers just that. It is a superb wine.   Total RRP: €229.00 Mixed Case Price: €185.00 Save €44.00 on this case! *From time to time vintages/wines may become unavailable, it is rare but in this instance we will replace the wine with a similar wine of equal or greater value.

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