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Wedding Tasting Case

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Are you getting married and trying to choose the wine for your wedding? You have probably already decided that you will bring your own wine to save lots of money. Look no further than this tasting case of 6 wedding wines. There are 3 red and 3 white wines for you to choose from, all handpicked by our wedding team for their food friendliness and easy drinking style. Get friends and family around and have a great tasting night. Have a ballot or vote for the wine you'll serve at the wedding and make a fun occasion out of the whole thing. Most of all, Enjoy the tasting! Whats in your case? 1 x Castillo del Moro Sauvignon Blanc, Spain (White) 1 x Castillo del Moro Tempranillo, Spain (Red) 1 x The Secretary Bird Sauvignon Blanc (White) 1 x The Secretary Bird Merlot (Red) 1 x Blind River Sauvignon Blanc (White) 1 X Chateau Roc de Levraut Bordeaux Superieur, France (Red)  

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