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Pot Luck - All White - 12 Bottle Case

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Three times a year for the past 24 years, in the Spring, Summer and Autumn, we clear down wines, lots of wines, and assemble them into our now famous Pot Luck selections. We gather loose bottles from previous Mixed Case selections and combine these with hundreds of bin ends - some spectacular ones - to form our Pot Luck selections. Wines from all over the world, including top premiums and a good smattering of mixed wines from France, Italy, Spain - in fact from all over the world - with dozens of available compilations. Best value in town! So if you fancy a really interesting, veritable smorgasbord selection of great wines then Pot Luck is for you! Why Pot Luck? Because you don't know what you're getting! These are random selections! You may even get a few scruffy or stained labels or an odd dusty bottle but we guarantee the wine quality, an interesting mix and unbeatable value. This is our pledge and why Pot Luck has proved so popular over the last 24 years! There is always a good a cross section between old and new world styles. So if you enjoy really good wine, a little venture into the unknown and a real tasting experience get your name in the Pot! At just EUR 130.00 per case of 12 you can't go wrong but hurry, Pot Luck always sells out! Offer limited to 2 cases per customer! No Further Discounts Apply Cost (per case): €130.00  

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