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Irish Linen Coffee Filter

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29 Bride Street
Made To Order Please allow 3 weeks for your piece to be printed, sewn, wrapped & shipped. Thank you.  ECO-FRIENDLY COFFEE FILTER: Our filters are all made of 100% Irish Linen and will last through hundreds of uses.  HANDMADE WITH CARE IN IRELAND. Purchasing from 29 Bride Street means you are supporting a small business right here in Ireland (not a massive overseas manufacturer), and the profits from your purchase go right back into our local economy. GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR COFFEE: Our Linen filters remove more of the bitter sediment than metal mesh filters that can taint the taste of your delicious coffee, while still allowing more of the natural, decadent oils to pass through than paper filters. Linen  is naturally anti-microbial, so you can be sure there's no bad chemicals in there! EASY TO CLEAN: Just empty the grounds (hopefully into your compost), rinse and allow to air-dry. For a deeper clean after months of use, boil in some water for 3-5 minutes.  

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