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Deluxe Mama Hospital Bag Bundle <br> 20 Piece Set

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Mamas Hospital Bag
A collection of luxury brands, the Mama Bundle includes all the items an expectant mother needs for her hospital stay. Carefully designed to create a luxurious unboxing experience across three layers of elegant packaging. All bundles include the softest nightwear- perfect for when you need to feel most comfortable. This box currently features nightwear from luxury brands eberjey, Hanro, DKNY and Moon &amp; Mellow. We will colour co-ordinate all items but if you have a strong preference on colour, style or brand please let us know in the checkout notes and we will endeavour to accommodate you. Top layer 1 x Nightdress/ Sleepshirt (eberjey, Hanro and DKNY) 1 x Pyjama Set (eberjey, Hanro and DKNY) 1 x Dressing Gown (eberjey, Hanro and DKNY) 1 x Slippers 1 x Eye Mask Middle layer Facecloths (Pack of 3) (Voya) Nipple Cream (Nessa Organics) Travel Set: Shower Gel, Shampoo &amp; Conditioner, Body Lotion (Voya) Mama Oil (Voya) Facial Set: Cleanser, Toner, Serum &amp; Moisturiser (Voya) Hand or Eye Cream (Voya) Hair Brush (pink)   Bottom layer- Female Necessities Toothbrush and Toothpaste Deodorant Ear Plugs Breast Pads Maternity Pads Face Wipes Tissues 20 Piece Set. Each bundle includes a gift note. You can include your personalised message at checkout. Top layer Nightdress - All nightdresses/ sleepshirts are knee-length and feature buttons down the front to accommodate breast-feeding. Our current range includes the following colours; grey (Hanro), navy (Hanro &amp; eberjey) and pink (Hanro &amp; eberjey). Pyjamas - Pyjama sets come in exquisite fabrics and are lightweight. Our current range has a variety of colours and patterns including blue stripes (DKNY), grey with navy/ white trim (DKNY &amp; Hanro) and pink and ivory stripes (eberjey). Dressing Gowns - Dressing gowns are super soft and lightweight from American luxury brand eberjey. They come in a long kimono style in lilac and white or knee-length in navy. Slippers - Slippers are currently from The White Company and come in white. Eye Mask- Eye masks come in pink and ivory from eberjey. Middle layer This layer features overnight essentials and pamper items from award winning Irish brands Voya and Nessa Organics.  Facecloths - Includes three organic muslin facial cloths by Voya. Nipple Cream - Nessa Nipple SOS is packed full of moisture-boosting butters, blended with tropical fruit oils to soothe and renew dry, cracked nipples and skin. Hair &amp; Body Travel Set - This travel set from Voya contains four luxurious products essential to daily skin and hair care routine. All formulated from 100% organic ingredients including essential oils, vitamins and hand-harvested seaweed from the coast of Ireland. This handy kit keeps you looking and feeling refreshed. Mama Oil - This unique formulation from Voya will assist in promoting the development of collagen, helping to strengthen the skin and minimise stretch marks. This body oil is suitable during and post- pregnancy. Facial Set - Cleanser, Toner, Serum &amp; Moisturiser from Voya for normal/sensitive skin or dry/ dehydrated skin. Hand or Eye Cream - Both from Voya and formulated to restore and repair.  Bottom layer- Female Necessities This layer contains a number of well known brands which are constantly under review to ensure we feature the very best products.   We handpick our collection to ensure the highest standards for Mama and Baby. From time to time, supply changes and stock levels mean we need to adjust brands but never at the expense of luxury, style or quality.   Customers shipping to an address outside of the EU may be subject to additional fees such as import duties, tax and clearance fees. These will vary by country and are the responsibility of the buyer/ receiver. We recommend that you ask local authorities about these duties and clearance fees in advance. Orders shipping to the United Kingdom that are valued over at or over £135/ Euro 150 are subject to tax &amp; duty as per local laws and legislation. The amount owed will be payable by the person receiving the goods.   
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