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Wine Decanter - Open Cristal Developer

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Supplied by Atelier Du Vin suppliers to the professional Wine Trade for generations.  Many wines taste better after being aired. This could be because they have spent years in a bottle, or because their tannins are young and still a little harsh. This stylish Carafe is designed to help such wines oxygenate and reveal the full range of their aromas, whilst retaining the original balance of each type of wine. This Carafe is a unique design that accelerates the decanting process - whether it's a fine wine that would normally need hours to 'open up' or any everyday table wine, each bottle will benefit greatly. The Steel ball has 4 grooves that allow for the spreading of the wine, with surface tension as it pours, serving any bottle in premium condition. A truly special gift for any real Wine Lover in your life.  Rinse with cold water only after use.  A bit like a BBQ - in that with residue tannins build up over the years, it will develop added character.   Aprox. 25cm in Height   

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